MacBook Pro Battery Replacement Service

Overland Park Apple MacBook Battery Replacement Service

Hopefully your MacBook Pro's battery doesn't look like this! When Lithium-ion batteries start to become unstable they will generally swell up as shown in the photo above. This just happens to be a battery that we recently replaced for a client. In these severe cases you may notice that the trackpad or bottom lid of your MacBook Pro starting to expand out. It's very important to replace it right away before it causes further damage.

If you feel concerned that the battery may need replaced, or would simple like us to evaluate it at no cost, we are happy to offer free in-store advanced diagnostics and professional installation services when you purchase an OEM Apple battery from us. Most batteries are kept in-stock at our Overland Park store location. Email or call ahead to check current inventory and to schedule an in-store battery replacement reservation so that we may offer you the fastest service. Happy

In the mean time we recommend this free tool to dig deep into your MacBook's battery health and keep an eye on its performance.

Coconut Battery
Funny name, yet powerful features:

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